Sliding Bearing,SF-2X

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Sliding Bearing,SF-2X

Load capacity:70N/mm2  
Speed limit:2.5m/s  
Friction coef(μ):0.05~0.25 PV  
limit (oil):22N/mm2 .m/s 

  • Sliding Bearing,SF-2X


SF-2X boundary lubrication bushing is based on a composite material with 3 firmly bonded layers:steel as backing.,intered bronze spherical powder as inter layer and modified POM as lining layer.It has oil pocket for oil lubrication.It fits well for slow speed,heavy duty under normal temperature.It can save cost and prolong working life when replacing normal bronze bushings.It can lower frquency of adding oil, simplify replaement process when it is used on rolling mill.   It is widely applied in chassis of automobile,forging machine, metallurgical machine and mining machine,construction machinery,hydropower,rolling mill etc.