Wireless Glue Gun

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Wireless Glue Gun

The Wireless Glue Gun is great for craft classes & all craft.

No more dangerous and restrictive cord.

  • Wireless Glue Gun


The Wireless Glue Gun is approved by CE, RoHS.   Powered by 4 "AA" batteries.   Alkaline or NI-H rechargeable batteries are recommended.

4.5 Volts DC, 700mA.  Continuously using time for Glue Gun is around 90 ~ 120minutes for Alkaline or 2000mA-hour rechargeable batteries.

Hot melt point is around 85C , to use our low melting point Glue Gun sticks is recommended .

Glue Gun Feature :  Low Voltage in using (6V- DC ) with safety .
                                    Low Temp. in melting glue 
                                    Steady glue flow with good  manipulation in fine craft jobs.
                                    High performance as well as efficiency in using batteries .

Packing: 1pc packed by clam shell include 1 glue stick at 7.2mm, batteries not included.